Showcar Sign-ups!

Thank you for participating in our Winterfest 2017’s event. We have worked very hard to make sure our judging experience is improved. iLDS has teamed up with Chariotz to help ensure everyone’s car gets viewed. This year’s show will have similar classes as in pervious years. However, we’ll but using a judging app to make sure each car owner gets to clearly explain what mods they would like us judges to pay attention to. This app allows you to put pins on your photos for us to see your highlighted mods. It also allows us to geo located your car once parked and checked in. Lastly we plan to use this app to crown a fan favorite. Please help us make this process seamless. Please follow the directions below.

Section-A participants follow these steps:

1. Pay for your event ticket:
Link to pay for your ticket: Buy Section-A Ticket (or purchase in box above)

2. Make your car a Chariotz profile which will enter your Vehicle to be judged.
Make Your Car Profile:

This year, we will be using the CHARIOTZ system to judge the display
vehicles at our Winterfest event.
In order to do that, we need you to add your vehicle to the CHARIOTZ site:
1. Click on this LINK <http://www.chariotz.com/addvehicletoevent?oid=9594>
– If you DON’T have a CHARIOTZ account, click ‘Join Now!’ and Sign Up as an
– If you already have a CHARIOTZ account, Sign In
2. Upload your vehicle

3. Print or save your show ticket to present on event day. Make sure to receive QR sticker from our staff to be judged.
Link to find your ticket: Find Your Ticket


This year Winterfest judging is powered by Chariotz